Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are You Confident Today? wins 2014 Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Medal Book Award

We are so proud to announce that Are You Confident Today? has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Juvenile Books (Level 1 Ages 5-9) in the Motivational/Inspirational category. We couldn't be more pleased.

Also Book 2, Are You Respectful Today?, in the Becoming a Better You! (BABY!) series is coming along nicely. Here's a peek at the front cover. What do you think?

While writing this book, Marian and I had many discussions about how, where, when, and why kids need to be respectful - just like our conversations while writing about confidence. Granted, neither of us have a PhD in confidence or respect, but we do have a lot of years of working with kids. Plus...we have the #worldstoughestjob according to American Greetings. Click the link if you've not seen it yet--it's worth your time. Much of what we discuss in all of the BABY! books comes from our own experiences, as well as the research we've done on each topic.