Thursday, January 16, 2014


We are so happy that you stopped by Parents for Character. Marian and I are both excited to share ideas, tips, and strategies for helping raise kids with character. We're both parents and we know how tough it is to raise confident kids these days.

We all need confidence, but how do we get it? Are we born with it, or does it develop over time? We believe that confidence, like all character traits, is something that needs to be worked on throughout life. It's easy to do well at something and feel confident. But what happens when we attempt something new, but the result isn't what we expected..and daresay, we feel as if we've failed? Does a confident person give up? Or does a confident person learn from the experience and try again? We will be discussing these questions and more in upcoming posts!

Our new book, Are You Confident Today?, will be published in February and is a great way to start conversations about confidence. 

Here's what one parent said:

"After reading Are You Confident Today?, my daughter Elizabeth (age eleven) and I had a fun talk about being confident and how it helps you stand up to kids who are pains in the neck." ~ Jennifer Backer, mother of two kids

We'd love to hear your thoughts!

What does a confident person look like? Smart? Happy? Talkative? Self-assured? Take a look in the mirror because a confident person is YOU! Are You Confident Today? presents situations that will help build and reinforce confidence in all readers. Are You Confident Today? is part of the Becoming a Better You! series, which strives to highlight character traits which help readers reach their potential and help make a positive impact on the world.

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