Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are You Creating Opportunities for Confidence?

Parenting is a HUGE job. There are so many things we have to make sure our kids experience on a daily basis. Not only are we responsible for making sure that our child is clothed, fed, and sheltered, we also are responsible for helping to mold him/her into a citizen of the world. This molding includes:

  • understanding and following rules
  • caring about themselves and others, physically and emotionally
  • learning to make decisions
  • knowing right from wrong
  • treating others with respect, kindness, empathy, love. etc.
  • being responsible
The list goes on and on. Frankly, raising a child can seem like a daunting task for any new and/or established parent.

What is one of the ways to help mold your child into a citizen of the world? 

One way is to create opportunities for confidence. For the younger child, these opportunities could be as simple as:
  • folding towels
  • making the bed
  • getting food and water for a pet
  • putting away toys
  • helping Mommy at the grocery store
For the older child, these opportunities could be:
  • trying something new (sport, hobby, musical instrument, class, etc.)
  • making dinner for the family
  • doing chores and depositing their earnings into a savings account
  • babysitting younger siblings or other younger kids in the neighborhood
  • bringing in the newspaper or mail for a neighbor who is on vacation
We'd love to hear what you do to help create opportunities for confidence!

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